(N) Carrabassett's cattery consists of Marianne and Rolf and our darling cats :-) We live 15 km north of central Oslo and about 37 km from Gardermoen Airport.

We both love animals very much, in particular cats in all shapes and sizes :-)  In 1998 we bought our first Maine Coon, Armani, and totally fell in love with this wonderful and charismatic breed. We are intrigued by its awesome look, large size and exceptional temper. After we exhibited Armani at our first show, we were hooked :-) We love bringing our cats to shows, and we have made many good friends over the years through this great hobby, both in Norway and abroad.



 We have built a secure outdoor enclosure for our cats. The cats love to spend time out there, both summer and winter. They have free access to the enclosure from the house, and they come and go as they please. We never let our cats go outdoors on their own, but some of them are trained by us to walk on a leash. We have plans to build one or two more enclosures in order for the cats to have even more outdoor fun :-) .




When we bought our first Maine Coon, we never thought we would start breeding... The idea of breeding has developed gradually over the years, and we finally reached a point where we considered ourselves ready to undertake this huge responsibility. In April of 2006 we had our very first litter. We neither aim for, nor want to be a large breeder. However, if mother nature agrees, we hope to have an occasional litter :-) We give our cats a loving and lasting home - we will never re-place any of our cats simply because they are not actively breeding anymore.



Our cattery-name, (N) Carrabassett's, is derived from Carrabassett Valley, a small place in Maine, USA :-)

We wish to thank the breeders that have trusted us with their offsprings from the bottom of our hearts!!! Your cats have given us enough love, joy and fun to last a lifetime! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!




If you have any questions about our cats, please do not hesitate to contact us :-)

Marianne Barbo

Phone: (+47) 67 07 25 29

Mobile: (+47) 90 74 21 39

Mail: mail@carrabassetts.com