FIFe show Adelkatten, Norway
November 24th and 25th 2012
Thanks to Lillian Myhre for most of the pictures from this show :-)
Our cages
Truvy Jones looking sharp and ready:-)
Judge Åsa Hammarlund inspects Truvy
Truvy and daughter Fannie in the competition for BIV
Truvy needed a little nap :-) Being a showcat can be hard work
Truvy won BIV and was Nominated for BIS :-)
Fannie in her cage:-)
She won BIV and was nominated for BIS on Saturday:-)
Daisy in deep sleep in her cage :-)
She won BIV and was Nominated for BIS on Saturday, and won BIS Senior both days :-)
FIFe show Göteborgs Raskattklubb, Sweden
February 11th 2012
Truvy won BEST IN SHOW:-) Here with judge (and breeder) Lene Glem
Judge Veikko Saarela is looking closely at Truvy
(N) Summerfields Valentino won BIS Neuter :-))) Here with happy owner Anne
FIFe World Winner Show 2011
Poznan, Poland
October 29th and 30th 2011
Judge Mario Ottino is closely inspecting Daisy - she was NOMINATED for Best in Show :-)))
Daisy behaved like a queen the whole show, we are so proud of her :-)
FIFe show SØRAK, Norway
August 27th and 28th 2011
Fannie Raptor wins Best in Show and becomes Junior Winner :-)))
Relaxing in her cage
Thanks to Linda Reiersen for this beautiful picture:-)
FIFe show TERAK, Norway
July 30th and 31st 2011
Fannie Raptor was Nominated for BIS both days :-)
Fannie with judge Aase Nissen
TICA show Porsgrunn, Norway
February 20th 2011
Agent Smith with judge Genevieve Basquin from France
She got  610 points and 2 Finals and became TICA Champion at 9 months of age:-)
Tango with judge Genevieve Basquin
Relaxing in his cage :-)
Tango got 260 points, but did not make any Finals.
Daisy in her cage :-)
She got 180 points, but did not make any Finals.
Our beautiful girl....
FIFe show BURAK, Norway
October 2nd and 3rd 2010
Daisy was Nominated for BIS both days :-)
Judge Raymond A. Sætre with Daisy
Judge Tellervo Kass with Daisy
Barbie with judge Raymond A. Sætre. She was Nominated for BIS both days:-)
Tango was Nominated for BIS on Saturday :-)
Judge Karina Bjuran looking closely at Tango
FIFe show Adelkatten, Norway
June 19th and 20th 2010
Barbie with judge Karina Bjuran. She won BIS on Sunday :-)
Judge Veikko Saarela is inspecting Barbie
With favourite steward Kristin Slåtten
Judges Veikko Saarela and Mira Fonsen are inspecting Daisy :-)
Daisy was Nominated both days :-)
Judge Karina Bjuran taking a close look at Daisy...
...and giving her a kiss :-)
Judge Marie Westerlund looking closely at Daisy
Judges Marie Westerlund and Linda Sviksa with Truvy :-) She was Nominated both days
Back in her cage - waiting for some snacks :-)
TICA show Dal, Norway
November 21st and 22nd 2009
Thanks to Lillian Myhre for all the pictures from this show :-)
Daisy with judge Thomas Andersen from Denmark
Truvy Jones with jugde Thomas Andersen. Playful as usual :-)))
Double Fantasy with judge Thomas Andersen
FIFe show Solbergelva, Norway
October 3rd and 4th 2009
Thanks to Kristin Slåtten for the pictures from this show :-)
Daisy is ready :-)
Truvy Jones showing herself off...
TICA show Porsgrunn, Norway
June 20th and 21st 2009
Daisy with judge Monika Dany from Austria
Ysaye with judge Pascal Remy from France
Daisy with judge Pascal Remy
Ysaye with judge Monika Dany
FIFe show Gothenburg, Sweden
May 16th and 17th 2009
Truvy Jones ready for show and looking very cute :-)
Maine Coon Special Show, Norway
February 21st and 22nd 2009
Daisy with judge Jørgen Billing from Denmark
Truvy Jones with jugde Raymond Sætre from Norway, eating his cake :-)))
Truvy was VERY hungry...
Judge DorteMarie Kaplers from Denmark inspecting Daisy in the Best in Show panel.
Daisy won BIS on Saturday :-)
Daisy looking sharp and ready :-)